What to Have As Breakfast in Spain?

Breakfast is generally smallest meal in Spain that is eaten during the day. Spanish people eat breakfast only to tide themselves with something until they have lunch. Lunch for them is the biggest meal throughout the day. Almost all breakfast foods in Spain are doughs or sweet pastries. They combine this with thick hot chocolate or Cafe con leches (milked coffee). Though, breakfast cereals are also widely available in Spain, traditional breakfast foods remain the most popular choice.

Bola are the most admired food for breakfast in Spain.888bola are sweet roll pastry that people either eat with jam or they simply dipped it in coffee. Bolos are generally treated in oven and made a little warm before consuming. These are quite flaky and light in texture to that of a croissant.

Churlish are very well-known food item for breakfast. In fact, Churlish has gained immense popularity as a sweet snack all over the world. Churlish can also be called as Spanish doughnuts but they are not round in shape. Churlish are basically short stick of dough that is fried with fluted sides with dusted sugar as cinnamon. The traditional way of having it is by dipping it in hot chocolate or coffee for breakfast. Churlish can also be prepared at home but there are plenty of dedicated churlish maker who are known for possessing an art of making this delicacy. Most of the people in Spain like to buy these fresh.

Magdalena are cupcakes that are traditionally eaten for breakfast. People buy this from local bakery and they are quite rich in flavor. These cupcakes are known for being fluffy and they possess a hint of lemon flavor in them. Like other breakfast foods, Magdalena are also eaten with hot chocolate or coffee.